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I can´t execute MATLAB Connector in my PC.

Asked by Juan
on 12 Jan 2013

I present a problem connecting to my PC MATLAB Connector. When I run install_connector shows me the license agreement, when I place Y to accept the agreement shows me an error saying

??? Error using ==> install_connector> DoInstall at 107

Error: You do not have write permission to the MATLAB installation folder (C: \ Program Files \ MATLAB \ R2010a). The MATLAB Connector Installer can not proceed.

Error in ==> install_connector at 61 DoInstall

I need your help please.



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 12 Jan 2013

Run the installer as Administrator.


on 12 Jan 2013

Hello, can you explain how to run as admin?

Walter Roberson
on 12 Jan 2013

Find the MATLAB icon. Right-click on it and find Run As.

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