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How to print figure precisely to A4 without scale

Asked by Craig
on 16 Jan 2013


Firstly thanks to anyone who can help me with this problem.

I have a program for academic work that produces some figures. On these figures are measurements that I would like to be precisely the same as on the paper that I print it from. However after several attempts from online research (paper type, orientation, size) I cannot get the axis measurement to be true to when I measure it on paper (with a ruler) therefore affecting the size of my figure.

Is there a specific way to export to a printable file (as this PC does not have direct printing links) that I can print to typical A4 and the measurements will match up.

In terms of coding all I have is, the rest I tried to change in the sub-menus:


Thanks in advance.



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1 Answer

Answer by per isakson
on 16 Jan 2013

Did you search for a solution in the File Exchange? export_fig is the "Most Popular" download.

I have an old m-function, A4Paper, which I use now and then. It produces a figure, the size of A4-paper, on screen. It allows me to position axes using centimeters and when printed on paper size and location on the printed paper agrees "exactly" with those given. E.g.

    ohf = A4Paper( 'create', 'sa4' );
    U   = get( gcf, 'UserData' );
    axes( 'pos', U.p2d.*[ 3, 3, 8, 8 ] )

and File menu, Print gives me a printout on which I can use a ruler. Both axes are 80 mm long as far as I can measured with my old plastic ruler.

However, I fail to print to a file. I tried to print to the Adobe PDF printer, and a couple of variants with the function, print. On paper they end up some 5% to small. The margins are increased and the printing area is decreased.

This makes me tired.

I've mailed A4Paper to you via [Contact Craig]. You might want to delete it together with other spam.

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on 16 Jan 2013

Hi per isakson,

I have emailed you as well. I obtained a "screen ruler" for the computer and I notice that on 100% in Matlab the figure axis does not seem to represent any dimension I am familiar with. The axis reads 0.05 (function calculated from metres) yet when I measure it is roughly 3.75cm with the screen rule.

I obtained a connection to a printer but every attempt leads back to the discrepancy in measurement.

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