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Matlab does not play well with AutoHotKey; how to fix?

Asked by Irl
on 16 Jan 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Irl
on 13 Mar 2014

I use AutoHotKey to automate certain keystrokes (e.g., to get a µ I type alt-m on my Windows laptop). AHK monitors the keyboard input and, when a trigger sequence is recognized, substitutes the key or sequence defined in its script; it's always alive in the background. This works in every application except Matlab. Is there some way to have Matlab use standard keyboard input in the standard way, in particular, to accept the virtual keys dispatched from AHK? (I don't know anything about the internals of AHK beyond what I've deduced from observation.)


1 Answer

Answer by hlk
on 13 Mar 2014
 Accepted answer

This is truely weird. From my observations it used to work quite fine on WinXP with R2011b and 2013b. Now on Win7 it still works in R2013b but not in R2011b. I have to mention though that I never really used it in MATLAB only Simulink but that seems to make no difference.

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on 13 Mar 2014

For historic reasons I am still using R2010a, under Win7. So your answer is congruent with my problem: versions of Matlab earlier than 2012 or thereabouts don't work with AHK under Windows 7. At least if it does work in R2013b there is hope that when I finally get around to upgrading the functionality will re-appear.

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