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How can I open about 5 different url's on their own new-window using the system's browser in matlab?

Asked by Denice
on 16 Jan 2013

I can do it using the web(url, -new) function, but I want to do this using the system's web browser (windows explorer).

When I call the web function over and over again, it merely creates a new tab in the existing window. But I want new windows created every time I call it.

How can I do this? Is there any other function (besides 'web') to do this?

Please let me know!!

Thank you.


2 Answers

Answer by Ryan Livingston
on 17 Jan 2013

 web(url, '-browser')

opens the page in the system browser. You can also run arbitrary DOS commands using the DOS function:

 dos(['explorer ' url])

Check here:

for more info.


Answer by Jan Simon
on 17 Jan 2013

It will depend on the browser. E.g.:

system('firefox.exe -new-window')
system('firefox.exe -new-window')
system('firefox.exe -new-window')

I'm not sure, if the Internet Explorer's "-noframemerging" does what you want.


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