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give title below a figure

Asked by Elysi Cochin on 18 Jan 2013

is it possible to give title below a figure?? if so can someone show me how to do it?


Muruganandham Subramanian on 18 Jan 2013

Do you need to include 'title' Below xlabel?

Elysi Cochin on 18 Jan 2013

no sir... when i give as below the titles are displayed above each image.... is it possible to display the title below the image....

    set(gcf, 'Position', get(0,'Screensize')); 
    subplot(1,3,1), imshow(I1); title('Original Image');
    subplot(1,3,2), imshow(I2); title('Gray Image');
    subplot(1,3,3), imshow(I3); title('Binary Image');
Elysi Cochin


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2 Answers

Answer by Jurgen on 18 Jan 2013
Accepted answer
subplot(1,3,1); imshow(rand(300)); mt(1) = title('TEST1');
subplot(1,3,2); imshow(rand(300)); mt(2) = title('TEST2');
subplot(1,3,3); imshow(rand(300)); mt(3) = title('TEST3');
set(mt,'Position',[150 300],'VerticalAlignment','top','Color',[1 0 0])

something like that?


Answer by Jan Simon on 18 Jan 2013

Create a TEXT object in the current axes and set it outside the plot area:

text(0.5 -0.1, 'Sub title', 'Units', 'normalized')

Does this work? I cannot test it currently.

What about xlabel?

Or create an invisible axes in the background:

FullAxesH = axes('Units', 'normalized', 'Position', [0,0,1,1], ...
                 'Visible', 'off');

Now get the position of each subplot:

H = subplot(1,3,1);
Pos = get(H, 'Position');

and use this to define the position of the TEXT.


Jan Simon

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