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Reading a HDR file

Asked by Romendra

Romendra (view profile)

on 19 Jan 2013

Hi, I am trying to convert an hdr file so that I can display it. The function hdrread('filename.hdr') can only read m x n x3 whereas the file i am working is more than 3 bands. Does anyone one know of any other function that will allow me to display the file as an image? Also since hdrread is not reading the file I am unable to use the tonemap function. Bummer Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Romendra

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Romendra (view profile)

on 20 Jan 2013

Alright, i was able to display one band at a time from 1-36 bands individually. is there anyway to stack all these in a single figure like

for i=1:bandsize

when i do this i am unable to stack/overlay images on top of another Any ideas??


Romendra (view profile)

0 Answers

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