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32bit matlab on 64bit platform can not open .jpg

Asked by Naz
on 21 Jan 2013

I installed a 32-bit student MatLab version on Win7 64Bit. When I try to import an image.jpg, it complaints about the endian signature:

Warning: The JPEG Exif header was read as "http:/" instead of "Exif ", the image file name be corrupt. Warning: Encountered a problem while processing Exif metadata: 'The endian signature [47 110] of "C:\Users\admin\Documents\MATLAB\Senior Design\my_functions\A.jpg" is neither [77] (big-endian) nor [73 73] (little endian), the image file may be corrupt.'.



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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 21 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

It sounds as if your image.jpg is not an image at all, and is instead a text file that contains a URL.

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My bad. The Program that generates images assigns weird names to them. When I was dropping it into MatLab, the image was recognized as a 2D (whereas the image was a 2Dx3 RGB). So when I tried to read it, the error was popping out. After I changed the image name (which was not really "image"), no more problems occurred.

Answer by Jan Simon
on 21 Jan 2013

Can any other software open this image?


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