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What's the status of 64-bit MATLAB support for ODBC?

Asked by David Goldsmith on 24 Jan 2013
Latest activity Answered by Friedrich
on 17 Jan 2014

Hi! I'm trying to get more information to answer my boss' question: "why are we still compiling in 32-bit MATLAB?" I knew it was due to problems with 64-bit MATLAB's support of ODBC (I know, it's really MicroSoft's fault), but I was/am vague on the details. I searched the MathWorks site for "64-bit ODBC" and "64-bit ODBC MicroSoft" and got lots of hits--nothing I clicked on, however, was dated 2012 or later--all essentially asking 'why does my DB code not work in 64-bit MATLAB' with the responses all being variations on 'MicroSoft f#$%ed-up the ODBC API for their 64-bit DB apps; workarounds are: A) revert back to 32-bit Matlab, or B) switch your Matlab apps to JDBC.' But those responses were meager on the details and thus, taken together, rather confusing (or at least not elucidating); I'm hoping someone can provide a clear, succinct explanation of the issues involved and the status quo. Thanks!

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Hi, are there still no possibilities to handle a 32bit DB with a 64bit Matlab 2013b? It is no option for me to use 32bit Matlab. Thanks!

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Answer by Friedrich
on 17 Jan 2014
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please note that this is not a MATLAB limitation. An ODBC drive is a DLL (so a native library) which needs to get loaded into the process and a 64bit application cannot laod a 32bit DLL.

You could upgrade to a 64bit ODBC driver and use


to connect to your database using a 64bit ODBC driver. This function was introduced in R2013b.


Answer by Jing
on 24 Jan 2013


I know little about ODBC, but I found the system requirement page in MathWorks web site:

The Database Toolbox are supported for ODBC on both 32bit and 64bit Windows from the webpage.


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