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how to open simulink example

Asked by FIR on 25 Jan 2013

I saw many matlab simulink examples in the link

but dont know how to open it,please tell how to open the simulink examples




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2 Answers

Answer by TAB on 25 Jan 2013
Edited by TAB on 25 Jan 2013
Accepted answer
  1. Open matlab's help browser (On Matlab desktop goto Help >> Product Help
  2. Goto SimPowerSystems >> Demos in Contents list on left side of help browser. You will find the list of examples as you see on online document.
  3. Click on the example you want open it.
  4. On the Top-Right corner click on link Open this model to open the model related to example.

Note - My answer is with refernce to R2011b


Answer by Shashank Prasanna on 25 Jan 2013

You should find all these examples here (execute in matlab):

>> winopen([matlabroot '\toolbox\physmod\powersys\powerdemo\'])

If you open the doc which comes with MATLAB then you can see the name of the model and a link you can click to open the model as well.


FIR on 25 Jan 2013

thanks Benji,can you please tell where i can find that document,because suppose i want to open the link

how to open directly,i have to search in the link you provided,is there any easy way to open model directly

Shashank Prasanna on 25 Jan 2013

You can simply search for the following text in MATLAB doc. Launch doc by typing:

>> doc

And in the search bar type:

AC/DC Three-Level PWM Converter

This must also be helpful to you:

FIR on 25 Jan 2013

Thanks Benji Bowbow

Shashank Prasanna

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