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john john

Need help with my iris recognition

Asked by john john
on 25 Jan 2013

Hi I am new to matlab. I just want to know how to get these values. How do I formulate it into code? Of course I is the imread image.

%I;input image
%C:centre coordinates
%rmin,rmax:minimum and maximum radius values
%n:number of sides of the polygon(for lineint)

This is my iris image sample

Ty so much for your help =)



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2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 25 Jan 2013

Just run whatever program is asking for those inputs, I guess.


Answer by john john
on 25 Jan 2013

I was trying to reflect on this code at matlab central

quite confusing what he is asking?

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The inputs say what the function is asking for. You know what an image is, right? You know what a center coordinate is. You can use ginput(1) to ask the user if you want to. The rest seem self explanatory. What are you confused about?

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