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How to partition an image

Hi all

I am working on some algorithm to implement it and in one stage I have been confused.Lets say that I have an image 512x512.

I want to make image partitioned in nxn squarre like regions that are overlapped with the same gap g for both image.So n=12 and g=3.

Thanks in Advance



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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 29 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

Use blockproc() with the BorderSize option.


thankyou very much.....just for my exploration I want it...thanks alot..

The 1028 is due to there being partial block 2 pixels wide. mod(512,6) = 2. That block gets extended by the overlap, 3 pixels before and 3 after, to become a total of 8 pixel. 85 full blocks of 12, plus the partial 8, gives 1028. The 85 is floor(512/6). You need to take this partial block into account unless you request padding of the blocks out to full width.

I am not clear in that point kindly explain it plz with some piece of code.Thanks.I further quantize the colors by using the K-means algorithm with K=16 as described in paper..

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