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Vishnu M S

Charecter to binary form

Asked by Vishnu M S
on 30 Jan 2013

I have a character A. I converted this into a binary form(say B). I need to perform some operations using B. While doing this I need to check whether the element B(1)=1 or 0.

For doing so, I write

if B(1)==1

But it doesn't work. It works when I written like this-

if B(1)=='1'

What is the reason? Please tell me...


on 30 Jan 2013

Apparently B is still a character array. Would help if you said how you converted it. Type whos B to see the type.

Jan Simon
on 30 Jan 2013

I do not understand, what the "binary form" of a character is. Please post the corresponding Matlab code to clear the details.


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1 Answer

Answer by Oleg Komarov
on 30 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

You are comparing the char '1' with the numeric 1.

>> double('1')
ans =

as in the ASCII table.

You have to rescale '1' to 1:

'1'-'0' == 1

and in your case

B(1)-'0' == 1


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