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i am getting 2 streams from convolutional encoder instead of one??

Asked by signal
on 31 Jan 2013

i am using convolutional encoder block in SIMULINK with code rate of 1/2 but the problem is this that i am getting 2 streams as an output of encoder instead of one... am i doing any mistake in setting the parameters then what is it??? im using poly2trellis: 5,[23 33] with all other options unchecked... what could be the possible mistake????


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Answer by kjetil87
on 3 Feb 2013
Edited by kjetil87
on 3 Feb 2013
 Accepted answer

as far as i can see from the "doc poly2trellis" (type it in matlab command window) , it is correct that you get "two output streams". This is because its not really two output streams , the thing is with a 1/2 rate code you can have two different input symbols, either 0 or 1. Each of these inputs will create different outputs depending on what state the trellis is in at the time your symbols enters (and each output will be 2-bit long). Quick example (i will use a smaller trellis to make it simpler) :

ans =
       0     3
       3     0
       2     1
       1     2

Now, what does these outputs mean? The rows represent the state of the convolutional encoder. While the columns represent the input symbol. I.e if the current state of the CC is S=0 , and the input is m=0 , then the output would also be (00)=0 . But if the input was 1 , the output would be (11) = 3, as represented by the first row. You see?

Similar for the next row, here the state is S=1 and if the input is m=0 then the output is (11)=3 , but if the input is m=0 then the output is (00)=0. (same structure goes for trellis.nextStates )

So for your code your output matrix will be 16x2 , because you have 2^(5-1) = 16 states , and there are 2 different input symbols that can create two different outputs from each state.

Hope this helps :)


Answer by signal
on 5 Feb 2013

thank you for your help, it is helpful. but the scope after convolutional encoder displays 2 streams, i got your point, but why its so. because of these 2 streams the final output of GMSK also have 2 streams, then where the streams should be multiplexed?


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