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Arman Kam

how to write a character from a string?

Asked by Arman Kam
on 2 Feb 2013

Hi I didn't use commands for strings in matlab so i have a word like 'displacement22' and i want to write '22' from this string, so what would i do?



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3 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 2 Feb 2013

s = 'displacement22' % Your string.
theNumber = sscanf(s, 'displacement%d') % Extract the number.


Answer by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 2 Feb 2013
Edited by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 2 Feb 2013

s='displacement22' ;
out=s(regexp(s ,'[0-9]'))


 out=s(regexp(s ,'\d'))


Answer by Jan Simon
on 2 Feb 2013

s = 'displacement22';
s = strrep(s, 'displacement', '');


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