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papan dey

plot simulink signal into matlab

Asked by papan dey
on 4 Feb 2013

I have to plot a signals in a MATLAB gui.

With Simulink I make a simulation and I save the signal in the scope. I want to plot that signal in matlab I dont know what I have to do.i have used already plot(ScopeData.time, ScopeData.signals.values)command but it shows Undefined function or variable 'ScopeData'. now how can i solve it?



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2 Answers

Answer by Ali
on 4 Feb 2013
 Accepted answer

save data to workspace as array by choosing the option from the scope giving required label u want let say sig .... then go to matlab workspace ad then try plot(sig )... hope it will work.......

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thank works. Now if i want to take the graph between a time limit such as 0.2s t0 0.5s, which command should i write?

Answer by Ali
on 4 Feb 2013

plot(sig) use obviously it in command window signal will be present in workspace


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