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Mathematical equations for DC machine model

Asked by Yuriy
on 5 Feb 2013

Hi Could you please write the mathematical equation, that describe DC machine model?




2 Answers

Answer by Yuriy
on 6 Feb 2013
Edited by Yuriy
on 6 Feb 2013
 Accepted answer

I could find equations.

J * dw/dt = ia*K - TL - TF - w*Bm

L * dia/dt = U - ia * Ra - w * K


Answer by Youssef Khmou
on 5 Feb 2013

type "DC" in the Help .


There are not complete differential system equations for dc motor in the help. There are only one differential equation.

Thank you for help.

There is a very simple model of DC motor. I want to know math model of DC motor, that used in simscape MATLAB.

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