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How to: Copy/Print (sub)plots to clipboard and pdf

Asked by Hello kity on 5 Feb 2013


I would like to copy a (sub)plot to the clipboard and a pdf file

with and w/o the gui interface.

How can I do that?

thank you

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Jan Simon
on 21 Mar 2013

What exactly is "the GUI interface"? Does it inlcude the window borders?



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3 Answers

Answer by Hello kity on 5 Feb 2013
Edited by Hello kity on 5 Feb 2013

I allready found that one. But that is not really what I want. I have 3 subbplots and some edit/statit fields around it. Now it copys all of them at once then it is pretty much minimized when you copy paste it.

I d rather have the option to select the specific subpplot and edit/static fields on the figure.


Answer by Ram
on 20 Mar 2013

Try this. While you are generating the subplot, create a uicontextmenu for each axes that allows a right mouse click and choose to copy. Then, write the callback to copy using "print -dmeta" command.

% Commands to create uicontextmenus

for i = 1:length(justAxes)
      hcmenu = uicontextmenu;
      item = uimenu(hcmenu,'Label','Copy','Callback', @copy_call});

% Now the copy_call function has to create a figure with that plot copied on it. Then upe "print -dmeta" command.

function copy_call(varargin)
     currAxes = get(get(get(varargin{1},'parent'),'parent'),'currentAxes');
     newFig = figure('visible','off');
     newHandle = copyobj(currAxes,newFig);

% Right mouse click on individual plots and choose the "copy" option. The "print -dmeta" command puts the plot in the clipboard. Use the paste command on to MS Word or other files.


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