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Statistical tool box: Distribution fitting tool

Asked by Dua
on 5 Feb 2013

Under the creating and managing data sets, importing data,import workspace vector, data field, the drop-down list in the data field does not contain any name of the matrices or vectors, so I am unable to select any array of data to fit. The drop-down list of censoring and frequency also contain nothing to choose. Please advise.



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1 Answer

Answer by Andreas Goser
on 5 Feb 2013

The distribution fitting tool can only "see" data that already exists in the base workspace. Every variable (well, probably depending on type) you see with the WHOS command in MATLAB, you can choose.


on 5 Feb 2013

Thank you for your reply Sir,

Can you explain a bit more detail with example? How to perform the following tasks as described in the documentation?

Data — The drop-down list in the Data field contains the names of all matrices and vectors, other than 1-by-1 matrices (scalars) in the MATLAB workspace. Select the array containing the data you want to fit. The actual data you import must be a vector. If you select a matrix in the Data field, the first column of the matrix is imported by default. To select a different column or row of the matrix, click Select Column or Row. This displays the matrix in the Variables editor, where you can select a row or column by highlighting it with the mouse.

Start simple. Type this in the command window:

y=[1 2 3 4 5 5 4 3 2 1];

Then import x as x data and y as frequency and "create data set"

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