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Is there anyway to create a GUI with table and to show a graphic plotting the data as we insert data on table?

Asked by Flávio
on 5 Feb 2013

Sorry for my bad English.

I want to create a table with GUI. The goal is to insert data (x and y coordinates) and click a button (I call it 'plot') and the points that we're introduced are plotted in axes.

When all data is insert, click button 'save data' and values are saved in a .mat file with a specified name.

Is there anyway to do this?



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2 Answers

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 5 Feb 2013

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on 19 Feb 2013

Wow!~ This is a great resource!

Answer by Jing
on 19 Feb 2013

I think it's possible to do what you want. Sean already provided you the examples of creating a GUI and you may learn and use some of them. Then you need to create the GUI bit by bit to achieve your goal! Put those items you mentioned together and then write the callbacks to them.


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