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xlsWrite works once then I get error code 0x800AC472

Asked by Don

Don (view profile)

on 5 Feb 2013

xlsWRITE will work once and then it returns:

   Error: Object returned error code: 0x800AC472

Error using xlswrite (line 220) Error: Object returned error code: 0x800AC472

If I close Matlab and reopen it works one time again...

How can I fix this for use in a script? If I enter the commands in Command window it works OK Here's the script code:

[p,n,e]=fileparts(filename); newFileName = fullfile(filepath, [n,'Ratio']); xlswrite(newFileName,RatioResults);

[Merged from duplicate]

This is the error code. Excel is NOT loaded into memory, i.e., is not open. Only Matlab is running: Command Window, Editor, Figure window.

"Error using xlswrite (line 220)
Error: Object returned error code: 0x800AC472
Error in SpectralRatioST (line 389)

I'm analyzing many data files. Every time, the first 350+ lines of my .m file run just fine. Sometimes the last lines that call XLSWRITE work very well for maybe 6 or 8 files, then I get this error message. I have to re-run my program up to 5 times (or more!) before XLSWRITE works properly. Today is a "bad" day -- the error happens frequently

Can anyone explain what is going on here, and, more importantly, how I can fix he problem?

Thanks very much



Don (view profile)


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