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How to force GUIHandles to include handles to axes.

Asked by Craig
on 6 Feb 2013

Hello all,

In my GUI start function I do this:

hSpectatorGui = gcf;

And have the start function return hSpectatorGui.

I then call the same GUI from an m s-function and get the handles

handles = guihandles(hSpectatorGui)

The GUI has an edit box and an axes. Guihandles however only returns the handle to the GUI itself and the edit box. The handle to the axes isn't returned!! Something like

       figure1: 4.623009155273438e+003
          edit1: 4.624008911132813e+003

... where is the axes?!

This makes plotting extremely tricky. The tag isn't empty so as far as I can see should work.

Please help!



2 Answers

Answer by Jan Simon
on 6 Feb 2013
 Accepted answer

Do you mean:

handles = guidata(hSpectatorGui)


Answer by Craig
on 7 Feb 2013

Thanks this works. I am trying now to understand the difference between guihandles and guidata!


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