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how to detect speed breaker in a road using matlab?

Latest activity Answered by ali elnaggar
on 19 Mar 2015

how to detect speed breaker in a road using matlab?


I love working with MATLAB. Its very very nice to work with it. Incredible tool. has lot of options in many domains...Moreover I get online support from you, walter, simon and many more matlab experts. Thanks to all of them. I develop projects for students. Thatsy I work in all toolbox which use MATLAB.

Ah, so you're a MATLAB instructor, that explains the wide variety of subject matter.

I conduct MATLAB workshops in various engineering colleges as well develop projects for students.

2 Answers

Answer by Jan Simon
on 7 Feb 2013

It depends on the implementation of the speed breaker. Then can be knobs of less than a centimeter in the pavement, a bump over street of 10 centimeters, road signs, a display showing the current speed.

To consider all of them efficiently with a low error rate I suggest the following: Buy a commercial Matlab version, ask a student to sit on the passenger seat, offer Matlab as payment when the student mentions all speed breakers.

I'm not kidding. I'm physicist and this is seriously the best answer yet. When you want something more technical, please define the problem with any details. But I claim, that it is not useful from a global point of view to bother Matlab, when the job is trivial for humen. A two year old child will be better than the most intelligent Matlab program.


The comment about thresholding had to do with the fact that there is no road in that image, so if you throw away the white background you get the speed bump.

Jan Simon
on 8 Feb 2013

I'm convinced that a wasp on the camera will confuse the recognition efficiently, such that any automatic reaction will reduce the security in the traffic. Everything which encourages the driver to take a nap instead of beeing as concious as possible is nothing I would like to support.

Detection of a speed bump could be important for automated driving (such as being actively researched by Google.)

Answer by ali elnaggar
on 19 Mar 2015

please code and information "measure car speed">>>>>>>>> thinks


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