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how to detect circle or anyother shape in an image.

<a href=""

Please check this image. Is it possible to count the number of drops present?


2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 8 Feb 2013

I can't see the image. Are you sure the link is correct? In general, to find circles, use imfindcircle(). There is a demo in the help:

Measuring the Radius of a Roll of Tape
This example shows how to measure the radius of a roll of tape, which is partially obscured by the tape dispenser. Utilize imfindcircles to accomplish this task


Image Analyst
on 8 Feb 2013

Can you also supply me with your imfindcircle() code so I can run it? Since you're a MATLAB instructor developing a course for your students, why not just use the demos already in MATLAB to illustrate the concepts to your students? Why develop new ones, or ask us to?

Answer by Elad
on 6 Jul 2013


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