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hi, i've extracted the intensity values from the image... i want to make the matrix from the extracted intensity values... can u tell me how can i do it?

Asked by pammy on 9 Feb 2013

can u code few line for the matrix. actually i m new to matlab

1 Comment

Matt J on 9 Feb 2013

Wasn't the original image the matrix you're looking for? What is an image if not a matrix of intensity values?


1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst on 9 Feb 2013
Accepted answer

Explain further. Do you want to crop? Are your extracted values from a rectangular or irregularly shaped region? How did you extract them? What are you going to do with this new matrix? Do you have the Image Processing Toolbox?

Where did you upload your image?

Have you seen my Image Segmentation Tutorial:

This would be a good thing to read before you post:


Image Analyst

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