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comparing two images with diffusion mapping

Asked by PK
on 10 Feb 2013

hello my project is to compare a contour with a data set sample of same kind of shapes but to the nearest possible shape wth nearest intensity so which techniques can i use to compare the two images except size and histogram technques.


1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 10 Feb 2013

Many of the measurements that regionprops() can make can be used to compare shapes (contours). Print them out and see which are similar and which are different for the shapes you want to compare.


Several examples are in my File Exchange, particularly BobsDemo: (If that helps, Accept this answer.)

@Image Analyst sir are there some ways to compare one image with several images in a file and display the nearest matched image, i have tried with one to one matching independently it worked but did not know how to do with a set of images at a time suggest some technique or a sample code ....

How about just subtracting them? Or use other metrics like SSIM? Or use SURF? Or go all out and use some sophisticated CBIR methods? I don't know the "diffusions mapping" method.

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