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Simulink - Excel

Asked by Tiago on 27 Apr 2011
Latest activity Edited by John Kelly on 22 Aug 2014


Does anyone know if it's possible to run an excel file in Simulink? I have a column with a variable in excel, and don´t know if there is a block that I can get in simulink to run this variable.





6 Answers

Answer by Guy Rouleau on 28 Apr 2011
Edited by John Kelly on 22 Aug 2014

The Signal Builder block allows you to import a signal directly from Excel:


Guy Rouleau
Answer by Arnaud Miege on 27 Apr 2011

What do you mean "run this variable" and why do you need to do that? Depending on what you want to do, it might easier to just import the data in MATLAB using xlsread and then use the From Workspace block to use the variable in the Simulink model.



1 Comment

Pat on 5 Sep 2011

i have a variable b which consists of values [ 2 3 4].if i enter b to pass these values to fuzzy logic controller as input i get an error.can any one help
the error is 'expression b does not evaluate to valid FIS'

Arnaud Miege
Answer by Tiago on 27 Apr 2011

Thanks to booth for your replay.

I import to workspace. I see the block Arnaud said.

Now... What I put in data in block parameters?


Arnaud Miege on 27 Apr 2011

Assuming your time values are in the first column, you just need to enter data in the block (if data is the name of your variable).

Tiago on 27 Apr 2011

not understand..

In simulink I put per example:
simin x constant = simout ??

Arnaud Miege on 28 Apr 2011

Instead of simin, just enter the name of your variable, i.e. 'data' in your case (without the quotes) and that's all there is to it!!

Answer by Tiago on 28 Apr 2011

Thanks all for your help. I´m a noob in Simulink, it´s my first contact with this software, I need to go step by step if not I get lost.

In Simulink I put per example simin x constant = simout, is right that part?


Arnaud Miege on 28 Apr 2011

Why do you want to do simin x constant? What are you trying to achieve? You may want to look at the Simulink tutorials at:

and also read the documentation.

Tiago on 28 Apr 2011

I don´t now if the correct way is simin x constant. I have one constant and one file in excel with one variable with time. And want multiply this variable by the constant over time.

Arnaud Miege on 3 May 2011

Did you have a look at the tutorials I suggested? You really need to get up to speed with the basics of Simulink. Have a look at the following snapshot:

Answer by Tiago on 2 May 2011

Need help please ^^


Answer by Tiago on 1 Jun 2011


Sorry don´t say more nothing but I was out of office in last days. In this moment I still don´t know how to solve this problem.

I understand for you guys it is very simple, but for me it is a hell :)

For example I have in workspace: Time 1 2 3 4 5 Values 5 8 9 4 2

And need multiplicate this values with a constant

What blocks I need to use to make that operation?

Best Regards

1 Comment

Arnaud Miege on 1 Jun 2011

Again, have a look at the snapshot I mentioned in my earlier comments, read through the documentation and look at the tutorials I pointed you towards. This is really basic stuff. Failing that, you need to go for a training course:


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