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huda nawaf

how I change the setting of matlab?

Asked by huda nawaf
on 13 Feb 2013

hello, I installed matlab in computer with 6 GigaB of Ram , but when I run my code I got error message, OUT OF MEMORY. I ran the same code in computer with 4 GigaB of Ram, I don't know where is the problem.

must change the setting of MATLAB? if so, how?

Thanks in advance




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3 Answers

Answer by Jason Ross
on 13 Feb 2013
Edited by Jason Ross
on 13 Feb 2013

Just to be sure -- is the machine with 6 GB RAM a 64-bit operating system? Did you install a 64-bit MATLAB?

(It's possible that a 32-bit system can see more than ~4 GB RAM with PAE on, although generally the maximum RAM limit for a process remains the same)

The general answer is that there is not a setting in MATLAB that limits the amount of RAM that is able to be addressed.


Answer by Jan Simon
on 13 Feb 2013

Obviously your 4GB machine has more available memory than the 6GB machine. Either the 6GB machine runs a 32 bit system, while the smaller one runs 64 bit, or on the larger machine other programs occupy more memory, or the smaller machine uses more virtual memory, etc. But as long as the same Matlab version is installed on both machines, this is not a problem of Matlab.


Answer by Walter Roberson
on 13 Feb 2013

Huda, you are using the Student Version of MATLAB if I recall. If so then you are limited to the 32 bit version under MS Windows and under Linux (but I think the OS-X student version is 64 bit.)


thanks for notes, I checked my machine, the reason is the 32 bit of windows , not 64 bit. when I installed 64 bit , the problem is resolved.


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