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engOpenSingleUse returns a retstatus of -3 and doesn't start the MatLab engine.

Asked by Renee
on 13 Feb 2013

I'm calling engOpenSingleUse and it's returning a retstatus of -3 and doesn't start the MatLab engine.

I haven't been able to find out what a retstatus -3 means and why that isn't letting me open the engine.

	int retstatus = 0;
	if (g_Plotting)
		l_MLEngine  = engOpenSingleUse(NULL, NULL, &retstatus);
	if (retstatus != 0) 

I'm using MatLab 2012b with the mapping toolbox and this same code snippet works on other machines running MatLab 2011 and 2008 with the corresponding toolbox.



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1 Answer

Answer by Renee
on 15 Feb 2013
 Accepted answer

If anyone is looking for the retstatus error codes they are:

0 = success -2 = error - second argument must be NULL -3 = error - engOpenSingleUse failed

Additional Info can be found:

To ultimately fix my engOpenSingleUse problem I had to run a command prompt as an administrator and type the command: matlab /regserver

This now lets me run my code and successfully opens the engine. (At least in debug mode!)


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