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generating code from embedded coder

Asked by Chenyang Zhang

Chenyang Zhang (view profile)

on 15 Feb 2013

Hello, I was trying to generate code for TI DSP form the simulink model. It is a 3 phase pwm rectifier. But the code I generated doesn't look like that I can use for the DSP. My question is :

  1. Do I need to make changes to my model in order to generate code?
  2. Can I generate the required code for the DSP by only using Simulink or do I need to connect it to the real DSP board?
  3. There is hardware implemetation in the parameter configuration dialogue and also a system preference block. Both of them can be used to chose a hardware. Which one should I use?

Thank you so much.


Chenyang Zhang

Chenyang Zhang (view profile)


0 Answers

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