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Adding user to the license list (Error 39)

Asked by Alex
on 15 Feb 2013

hi everyone,

pls help me out with this problem. I got Matlab installed on this computer, but I keep gettin the 'user not on the list' err (39). I tried folowing the instructions on this page ( and Matlab and Simulink installation guide for Linux.

Here's what I've tried:

1) added options=$/PATH_TO_MATLAB/glnxa64/MLM.opt, in the network.lic license file, then reactivated Matlab. Nothing changed.

2) I can't find lmstart script anyhere, but I do have the MLM.opt file, which is an executable script. I gave the reading privileges using chmod, but every time I try ./MLM I keep getting the 'no such file' error. So where should I add the INCLUDE MATLAB username then?

Any suggests are massively appreciated.


.opt files can be edited.

on 17 Feb 2013

that's great, but how?

on 17 Feb 2013

OK, i installed a tool called flex, tried flex MLM, got something totally weird. So what should I do?



1 Answer

Answer by Jason Ross
on 15 Feb 2013

Install and licensing support is free of charge ... they should be able to help you out.


on 15 Feb 2013

Yeah I can ask the people who installed it on my computer, but I'd rather try doing it myself first, with some help from the community.

Jan Simon
on 17 Feb 2013

It would be more efficient to ask the admins or MathWork's technical support instead of member of the community, which are not directly involved.

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