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GUI design of static text

Asked by Elysi Cochin on 16 Feb 2013

i designed a GUI and i inserted a background image in the GUI... now my GUI contains static text..... i don't find a matching color in the property inspector to match the background image i have inserted... is it possible to make the static text look opaque (as the option in paint it)..... so that only the text written in it can be viewed whereas the background color of it cannot be seen.....




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1 Answer

Answer by matt dash
on 18 Feb 2013
 Accepted answer

Two things; First, you are not limited to the colors shown in the property editor. You can enter any RGB color manually.

Second, no, you cannot make a uicontrol('style','text') have a transparent background. But you can make a text() object have a transparent background. You can make a large axes that is the same size as your figure, make it invisible set(ax,'visible','off') so that it does not obscure the background. Then use the text command (in the openingfcn of your gui) to add text to this axes. you can specify that the text should have no background color:

text(xcoord,ycoord,'hello world','backgroundcolor','none','parent',ax)

Presumably you already made such an axes to plot the background image, so you can just add text directly to that axes.


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