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imresize using bicubic interpolation

Asked by Utkarsh Deshmukh on 16 Feb 2013

I had a doubt in the resizing of an image using bicubic interpolation... In matlab, at a stage, they have used a function

resizeColumnsCore(double(in), weights', indices');

in this, the matrix im is my input image, say its size is 6x6. This input is permuted and the new size is 6x1x6.

The size of weights comes out to be 3x8 and the size of indices is also coming to be 3x8.

The output of this function gives a matrix of size 3x1x6.

Can u tell me how this function works?

Thanking you in advance




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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 16 Feb 2013

We have no idea what that function does because you didn't supply its code. I don't see how adding an extra dimension would help. I also don't know if it's okay that the input image is smaller than the weights or indices arrays - seems like that might cause problems if not handled properly.


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