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Show the command window from engine application on Mac

Asked by Szabolcs
on 19 Feb 2013

Is it possible to show the MATLAB command window when using a MATLAB Engine application, and running on OS X? (I know there's engSetVisible() but it only works on Windows.)

The reason I'm asking is that I noticed that most GUI elements do work: I can create a figure, show the documentation window using 'doc' or the command history window using 'commandhistory'. The 'commandwindow' command seems to do nothing though.


on 19 Feb 2013

try to evaluate (engEvalString) the following command:


or use something like:, or

@Amro That actually works and it shows the command window! But it also breaks the engine session (engine functions won't return any more). I guess this is a hard limitation on OS X / Linux due to how the engine sends commands to MATLAB (the connection is through a unix pipe, but I'm not sure about the details).

Is there a similar command for hiding it? I'm just curious if it'd restore engine functionality (probably not).

on 19 Feb 2013

try this, no guarantees :)



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