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I Made

What function to display the result of wavread?

Asked by I Made
on 25 Feb 2013

[x,fs] = wavread('E:\Example\tes.wav');

if i use plot(x); there will be a graph of sine wave.

But the display i wanted is in array of the data/sample data or something?

Anyone know what function should i use?




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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 25 Feb 2013
 Accepted answer

Do you mean like


to display the numeric values of the first 100 samples?


I Made
on 25 Feb 2013

wow yeah that's great, and how do display it all? not only the first 100, and what is these -0,xxx and 0,xxx mean? are these number represent the frequency over time? could you give me some explanation?

To display all of it, at the command line command


(just the name of the matrix.) Remember, this can come out as a lot of output!

The values you will see will be the samples normalized to the range [-1, +1) [that is, -1 exactly is allowed but not +1 exactly). The samples have no absolute meaning; they are relative to the capabilities of whatever equipment will be used to play them.

I Made
on 25 Feb 2013

I'm trying to apply haar filter to it not in matlab, but in java. Since java doesn't have the method(wavread) or (haar filter) i need to make sure what is it the output of wavread so i can make the same function to get the same output. In some books i read we need the frequency over time of signal to be processed ( i don't know if that's even true ) this is why i guess the output of the wavread function is the frequency over time. But i expect the value are like some decimal number but it is not.

I'm really confused about what to take from the wav files so i can process it with haar filter ?

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