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How to: Column Cell to Column matrix

Asked by Hello kity on 1 Mar 2013


I have 2 cells (or arrays??)

Cell1= 165 x 3 cell array consists of 165 rows each one is a cell

Cell2= 1 x 3 cell

i want all the cells in Cell1 (first column) to be correlated with cell2 (1,1) , Cell1 (second column) to be correlated with cell2 (1,2) and Cell1 (third column) to be correlated with cell2 (1,3)

how can i do this easiest way


What do you mean by correlated?

When you type

whos a b    % a and b are your 2 cell array

What you've got?


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1 Answer

Answer by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 1 Mar 2013



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