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how to convert cell datatype into uint8?

how to convert cell data type into any of the following..logical, double, single, uint8, uint16, uint32, int8, int16, int32. my present input was cell type.My objective is to find the correlation.


2 Answers

Answer by Sven
on 3 Mar 2013

Hi Sivakumaran,

A cell datatype is simply a container for other datas. There is a function called cell2mat which will unpack what's in your cell and try to put it in a matrix:

uint8inCell = {uint8(1:4)}
cellContents = cell2mat(uint8inCell)
ans =

It's a little bit like asking "how do I convert a box into a cat?"

Step 1: Put a cat into the box
Step 2: Take the cat out of the box

Does that help clear things up?


Answer by Walter Roberson
on 3 Mar 2013

Try cell2mat() and see if it complains about the number of rows or columns not matching. If it does complain then you cannot do the conversion.

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cell2mat command works well for my application. Thanks Sven and Walter.

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