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how to find distance between two neighbor cells of an image?

how to find distance between two neighbor cells of an image?

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I've closed this question. Please edit it and add enough details to allow for an efficient creation of an answer. Thanks.

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 4 Mar 2013

Come on now. You know that vague open ended questions like that with not even an image to help illustrate your question will not get you an answer. You've posted here enough to know that by now.


Go here for algorithm:,%20CAT,%20MRI,%20Ultrasound,%20Heart%20Models,%20Brain%20Models. But again, if you can't solve this yourself, then how can you expect your students, whom you're developing these exercises for (as you've said previously), to solve this?

Thanks Image Analyst. I am working in both domains. VLSI as well as MATLAB. Thatsy I am unable to find sufficient time in both domains at the same time. So, for MATLAB queries and ideas, I am just contacting here. and some other website for VLSI. Basically, my engineering background is electrical and electronics. M.Tech in VLSI. and now pursuing Ph.D in Speech processing.

It is not a problem of MATLAB, but the question does not contain enough information to be answered efficiently. 1. What does "image" exactly mean? A picture file, a life view on a movie, a drawing on paper, a grey-scale or RGB array, a virtual copy of a hard disk? 2. What does "cell" exactly mean? A pixel, some photographed cells of any tissue, any kind of scatter? 3. What exactly is the "distance"? Euclidean distance of points, minimal distance between edges, taxycab distance, distance between centers of cells?

A good question requires an exact definition of the available input and of the wanted procedure. Otherwise the contributors of this forum would waste time with guessing what you want or explaining how a complete question should look like. Ok?

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