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Call to Main GUi

Asked by Elysi Cochin on 4 Mar 2013

i have 3 gui in my project named "MainGUI" and "Sub1GUi" and "Sub2GUi".... in SubGUi i have a button.... on click of that button i want one output to get displayed in the MainGUI axes2... how to call MainGUI and display image in MainGUI's axes2... is this possible... please do reply....




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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 4 Mar 2013
 Accepted answer

This is an evergreen question. Please search for "sharing GUI" in this forum to find a bunch of solutions.

The object you have to share is the handle of the AXES object you want to plot in. So get the MainGUI's handle from the SubGUI, use it to obtain the handles struct by GUIDATA, and plot from the code of the SubGUI using the AXES' handle as 'Parent' property.


In a button in SUBGUI i wrote like this

 h = guihandles(MainFile); 
 axes(handles.axes1); imshow(I); axis equal;axis off;

but nothing is getting displayed.... please do reply.....

sir i tried many ways....but not getting it.... please do reply....

Jan Simon
on 5 Mar 2013

What could I reply? "Nothing is displayed" does not contain enough information to suggest an improvement. I do not expect than "guihandles(MainFile)" does, what you want, but as long as I do not know the contents of MainFile, this is a pure guessing. In addition you obtain h, but use handles afterwards. You need the handle of the MainGUI. I do not know, if you provide it, when the subGUI is created or if you can identify the mainGUI by its tag. But if you have the handle:

mainHandles = guidata(MainGUIH);

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