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nadia naji

split video to bocks

Asked by nadia naji
on 4 Mar 2013

hi i have a video and i want to split video to some block which each frame split to 16x16 blocks and each 30 frame i have the treatment of these blocks so i want to split video to 16x16x30 blocks that 30 shows the number of frames i consider the blocks how can i do this? if i want these blocks have overlap to each other in temporal how can i do this? please help me?



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 4 Mar 2013

Is your video grayscale or RGB? If it is RGB then your 16x16x30 would need a "x3" somewhere in there to account for the color.

If it is grayscale and all of the images are the same size, then save the 30 images into an array, such as

for FrameNumber = 1 : 30
  Images(:,:,FrameNumber) = getsnapshot(videoobject);

Then afterwards,

SplitImages = mat2cell(Images, 16 * ones(1, size(Images,1) / 16), 16 * ones(1, size(Images,2) / 16), size(Images,3));

If you want the frames to overlap temporally, you will need to indicate how much overlap you want.

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thanks for your answer but if i want to do some process on every cell how can i do this for example when i want to imshow the cell 16x16x30 it cant and show error. do i use cell2mat for working on each cell? for overlapping i need 15 frame overlap can you help me?

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