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i've divide the image into non-overlapping blocks. and after that i've calculated the GLCM MEAN... i want to color only those blocks whose GLCM MEAN are the same

Asked by pammy on 7 Mar 2013
 i've divided the image into non-overlapping blocks 

the code for the above is as follows

 blockSizeR = 16;% Rows in block.
 blockSizeC = 16; % Columns in block.
 % Figure out the size of each block. 
 wholeBlockRows = floor(rows / blockSizeR);
 wholeBlockCols = floor(columns / blockSizeC);
 blockNumber = 1;
 for row = 1 : blockSizeR : rows
	for col = 1 : blockSizeC : columns
		row1 = row;
		row2 = row1 + blockSizeR - 1;
		row2 = min(rows, row2); 
                col1 = col;
		col2 = col1 + blockSizeC - 1;
		col2 = min(columns, col2);
                % Extract out the block into a single subimage.
                oneBlock = grayImage(row1:row2, col1:col2);
                for x=1:wholeBlockRows
                     for y=1:wholeBlockCols
                 caption2 = sprintf('Block #%d\n of %d', blockNumber,blocks);
		title(caption2, 'FontSize', fontSize);
                blockNumber = blockNumber + 1;


 fprintf('\nsorted GLCM Mean values along left hand side are:\n');
 fprintf('\nBlock #%d = %d\n', [blockNumber(:), S(:)].' );
 fprintf('\nsorted GLCM Mean values along right hand side are:\n');
 fprintf('\nBlock #%d = %d\n', [blockNumber(:), S(:)].' );

In the above code there are blocks having the same or nearly same GLCM MEAN values like

block 54 and block 69=1241, block 69 = 1242

block 64 and block 143 = 1193, block 96 = 1192

there are other blocks like

block 71 = 1381, block 105 = 1383, block 90 = 1387

and so on...

i want to color these type of blocks.

plz guide me to do so..

1 Comment

pammy on 8 Mar 2013

plz anyone tell me.. i've tried alot and also google but unable to do...


1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson on 8 Mar 2013
Accepted answer

If one block as GMCM mean of (say) 50, and another is 54, then because they differ by 4, you want them colored the same. Now if a third block is 58, then because it is different by only 4 from the 54, it needs to be colored the same as the 54. Which is colored the same as the 50. So now you have the 50 through 58 range all colored the same.

By induction, we can establish that all values must be colored the same, so there is nothing to do.


Walter Roberson on 13 Mar 2013

What you want to do cannot be done.

Raman on 13 Mar 2013

ok sir

Walter Roberson

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