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how to call a function with multiple output argumnts

Asked by preet

preet (view profile)

on 13 Mar 2013

how to call this function

function [RHist,GHist,BHist]= RGBHistInter(imData);

RHist = [];

GHist = [];

BHist = [];

%extract Red

[Rcounts,x] = imhist(imData(:,:,1),16);

Rtotalpixels = sum(Rcounts);

for j = 1:size(x)

RHist = [RHist Rcounts(j)/Rtotalpixels];


%extract Green

[Gcounts,x] = imhist(imData(:,:,2),16);

Gtotalpixels = sum(Gcounts);

for j = 1:size(x)

GHist = [GHist Gcounts(j)/Gtotalpixels];


%extract Blue

[Bcounts,x] = imhist(imData(:,:,3),16);

Btotalpixels = sum(Bcounts);

for j = 1:size(x)

BHist = [BHist Bcounts(j)/Btotalpixels];





preet (view profile)


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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King

Wayne King (view profile)

on 13 Mar 2013
Edited by Wayne King

Wayne King (view profile)

on 13 Mar 2013
Accepted answer

From the command line:

 [RHist,GHist,BHist]= RGBHistInter(imData);

You just have to save the function RGBHistInter.m in a folder on the MATLAB path. Or, better yet, save it in a folder that you add to the MATLAB path with

 >>addpath 'c:\thisisthepath'

or using


For example, suppose you have a folder called c:\mfiles

>>addpath 'c:\mfiles'

Save the function .m file in that folder and then if you enter

>>which RGBHistInter

you'll see that MATLAB recognizes the function.


Wayne King

Wayne King (view profile)

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