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Noise removal from background

Asked by mona
on 13 Mar 2013
Latest activity Answered by Shailender
on 31 Dec 2013

I have this image

which I obtained after enhancing in order to make the artery clearly visible. I need to know how would I be able to remove the background noise without disturbing the details within the artery itself. I just want to obtain a black background or a background with reduced noise compared to the current noise present. P.S. Artery is represented by the two thick lines going to the right.

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on 2 Dec 2013

please tell me which filter u applied for enhancing ??

2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 13 Mar 2013
 Accepted answer

Looks like you'd have to "hand paint" it, because I can't really tell what's noise and what are valid blood vessels.


I suggest you look at section 20.10 here VisionBib to find out the lastest and best radiographic noise reduction techniques or artery following/tracing methods.

on 14 Mar 2013

Thanks alot!! I finally got a way to do that!

You're welcome. Mark this, and any other of your several other questions that you're done with as "Accepted".

Answer by Shailender
on 31 Dec 2013

i wanted to know the code of removal of background, actually i wanted to locate only hand postures in uploaded image. please help me in this regards



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