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Solving for a data point

Asked by Kyle
on 19 Mar 2013

I have an equation

pt2pt1=@ (M) (((y+1)*M^2)/((y-1)*M^2+2))^(y/(y-1))*((y+1)/(2*y*M^2-(y-1)))^(1/(y-1))

I know the value of pt2pt1 and I want to find the corresponding M value (y=1.4). Obviously solving for M algebraically is not ideal or even possible so is there a command to help me out? (pt2pt1=0.6925)

I have plotted the function and used the data cursor to get my answer but I would like it to be a little more autonomous.




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1 Answer

Answer by bym
on 19 Mar 2013

pt2pt1 = 


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