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vivek govind

Applying new pixel intensity values to the original image?

Asked by vivek govind
on 23 Mar 2013

The purpose of my program was to read an image , apply an algorithm which calculates the new pixel values and then create a result image that has the newly mapped pixel values , with pixels having values >255 or <0 being clipped from the image.

My problem is that i have obtained an array with stores all the newly generated pixel values , i ned to apply these values over the original image in order to enhance the older image . how do i do that?


Walter Roberson
on 24 Mar 2013

If the array has the newly generated pixel values, then it is the enhanced image.

Or is that array a vector of values indicating the new pixel value that each unique old value should be translated to? If so then index that vector at (one plus the old matrix)

vivek govind
on 24 Mar 2013

thanks , i got the output

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