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New to MATLAB?

How to convert some parameters to binary stream.

Asked by Yang

Yang (view profile)

on 25 Mar 2013

hey guys, i'm new in matlab and now i have to finish about a design about a joint shource-channel coding project.

now i'm facing a problem is that i have to convert some CELP(Code Excited Leaner Predicting coding) parameters(like the codebook generated by encoder) in to binary stream so i can use the Turbo channel coding to continue my experiment.

if anybody know something about this please tell me.




Yang (view profile)

on 26 Mar 2013

the same as the kappa, floating number? such as 0.0880 or -1.3362

Walter Roberson

Walter Roberson (view profile)

on 26 Mar 2013

Can you quantize the values?


Yang (view profile)

on 26 Mar 2013

my celp encoder's output works by frame, i want to send the codebooks and parameters in every frame so i need to convert them into binary stream. and how to quantize the matrix is the question.

today i have finish my channel encoder and decoder so that's okey to tackle binary stream in any size. the last step i have to do is convert the parameters like codebooks and excitation coefficients. do u have some ideas or advices for my project? please tell me.

PS: please fogive my poor english, that is the very first time i post the puestion in english.


Yang (view profile)


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0 Answers

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