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Matlab publish - sections inside loop

Asked by Rami
on 25 Mar 2013

Hello everybody,

I want to create a report using the matlab publish option. the script reads some files from a directory and then uses for loop to analyze each file and show plots. My problem is that I want for each loop run to have it's section with updateing title like %% loop run i where i updates each time.

I searched for solution for few days and did not find any. the point of this is to create easy distinction of the different for runs.

I also saw something which called a report generator which seems more versatile but it seems that matlab now switched to "publish" and I wish to use updated commands.




4 Answers

Answer by Sarah
on 2 May 2013

Did you have a look at this post? It did help me with a similar problem.


Answer by Rami
on 2 May 2013

Thanks for the answer. The post doesn't solve the problem since I want the loop runs plot to be seperated by Section title in the finial WORD file. for example code like

for i=1:m %% Run number 'i' plot... end

will resualt in Run 1 figures... ..

Run 2 Figures.. ..

and etc..

do you have solution?


Answer by per isakson
on 2 May 2013
Edited by per isakson
on 2 May 2013

AFAIK: The string on the %%-row must be static. It cannot include the value of a string variable.

A dynamic title might be possible to create

  • write a function (with a loop), which automatically creates, writes and publish an m-file without the loop (and with static "%% titles") - kind of meta programming.
  • write directly to the Word-document. See wordreport. There are more similar contributions in the file exchange.
  • see "Accessing Microsoft Office Applications with .NET" in the on-line help


Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 2 May 2013

This does sound like an ideal task for the MATLAB Report Generator which allows for this type of versatility.

An example of exactly what you want is the Magic Squares Report, available here:

If you are not currently licensed for this, I'm sure your friendly Sales Rep would be more than willing to get you a trial :)


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