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Having a problem with MATLAB coder, can anyone help with error?

Asked by Josef
on 27 Mar 2013

>> coder -build Untitled1.prj ??? Unknown compiler ''.

Error in ==> foo Line: 1 Column: 1 Code generation failed: Open error report.

I keep getting this error while using Matlab Coder. Currently I have matlab 2012a and visual studio 2010 Premium installed.

Can anyone guide me with a solution to this problem please?




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1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 27 Mar 2013
 Accepted answer


on 28 Mar 2013

When I tried setting up the coder the following error occurred:

No supported SDK or compiler was found on this computer. For a list of supported compilers, see

Undefined function or variable 'setup'.

mex -setup

Note the '-'

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