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I Made

If Condition match but got the else statement ?

Asked by I Made
on 27 Mar 2013

To put it simple my code similar to :

    if(a/b<k) && (a/b>=0)
    elseif(a/b>-k) && (a/b<0)

The problem is i got a/b = 0, so it should give me STATEMENT1 but i got STATEMENT 2, does anyone know how i can figure out my mistake?


Did you try to check that a/b is really close enough to 0?

 >> [a/b == 0, a/b > 0, a/b < 0]

what does that return ?

I Made
on 27 Mar 2013

i'm trying using that but little modification, like :


on the poin that segment(j,i) is 0 it return me 1 . but how could that possibly done? i checked the segment(j,i) at that point = 0, and the c(i) at that pint is 0,9375. So the result should be 0/0.9375==0 return me 0?

Please try

fprintf('%.100g\n', segment(j,i))


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 27 Mar 2013

Try using the command

format long g

and then displaying a/b

It probably isn't really 0.


Answer by Jan Simon
on 28 Mar 2013

Please read your question again and note, that Matlab does not perform any strange or magic actions. Then these two details:

 1. if(a/b<k) && (a/b>=0)
 2. The problem is i got a/b = 0, so it should give me STATEMENT1 but i got STATEMENT 2

imply, that either a/b<k is FALSE, or your assumption that a/b==0 is wrong. A third possibility is, that you did not save the M-file after editing, such that Matlab does not run the program you currently see in the editor.

There are no other solutions. Walter's suggestion to increase the displayed precision is exhaustive to identify the problems.


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