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Anas A.Salam

how to find eigenvalue and eigenvectors from Hermitian photo ??

Asked by Anas A.Salam
on 28 Mar 2013
Accepted Answer by Matt J

hello i have some problems and i don't know how to solve it so if you know some thing please help me:) my problem is: i have the photo as you can see it and i want to find eigenvalue and eigenvectors as Hermitian so what is the code to find them ?? by the way i have another question, when i try to use

[V,D] = eig(A,B,flag)

and i used 'chol', what is B should be ?? note that i use attach photo as A.



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1 Answer

Answer by Matt J
on 28 Mar 2013
 Accepted answer

I'm pretty sure that

[V,D] = eig(A)

is smart enough to check whether your A matrix is Hermitian, but you could do

 [V,D] =eig(A, eye(size(A)), 'chol')


thank you for your declaration but i will ask in another clear way :) could i have complex eigenvectors from this image ?? yes or no if yes what is the way to have them ?? thank you

Matt J
on 30 Mar 2013

If you're getting real eigenvectors right now, one way to obtain a complex ones is to multiply them by i=sqrt(-1). Remember that if v is an eigenvector, then so is c*v for any scalar, c, real or complex.

thank you so much :)

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