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Shooting an Finite Difference Method Fifferential Equation

Asked by Nasuh Erd

Nasuh Erd (view profile)

on 28 Mar 2013

Hi Friends I have a homework but i am not good when solving differential equations. Can anyone help me ?

A cylindrical pipe has a hot fluid flowing through it. Since the pressure is very high, the walls of the pipe are thick. For such situation the Differential Equation that relates the temperature:

r*(d^2(u)/dr^2)+du/dr=0 where r=radial distance from centerline u=temperature

Solve the temperatures within a pipe whose inner radius is 1 cm and outer radius is 2 cm if fluid is at 540 C and the temperature of outer circumference is 20 C. a)by using Shooting Method b)by using finite difference method.



Nasuh Erd

Nasuh Erd (view profile)

0 Answers

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